Adam Fail

Sibling Thieves

From: Adam []
Sent: Sunday, November 27, 2005 12:19 AM

Subject: Letter to the family:

The path you have all taken is one of revenge, jealousy and hatred. Be assured, what you have done amounts to nothing less than a criminal conspiracy and will be exposed as such. You are not only attacking Larry, but all of his children as well. What have any of us kids done to deserve this? Nothing. You have all turned you back on us; and all we have ever done is love you and treat you like true family. If any of you had any honor or integrity, we would be sitting down discussing this as a family, but you do not. You have, instead, followed the path of silent hatred that you resent your parents for. You are Bessie and Bernice all over again; you have learned nothing. You have stabbed us in the back by placing greed and vengeance before your family. Shame on you all.

Ask yourself an honest question: how many investments have you made in the last 30 years? And out of those investments, how much money has been added to the Fail family estate? Now, since we all know the answer adds up to zero, ask yourself this: how many investments has Larry made in the last 30 years? And how much money has he added to the Fail family estate. The fact is, as Ivan J. Fail will tell you himself, there would be hardly any estate at all without “the deals Larry found and convinced me to get involved in.” And now you, you who have been nothing but a financial burden on Ivan, intend to steal from Larry all the money that he made for this estate; to which, again, you have contributed nothing. This is arrogance beyond reason; and can only stem from vengeful ignorance. Ignorance is running deep with you all. You view passionate and intelligent people with suspicion because you feel threatened that they may out-smart you. This is one reason why you all hate Larry. He was the only one of your number who ever had the passion and the will to take risks and make money; and you will never forgive him for this. You were too lazy, fearful or apathetic to ever accomplish anything of substance with your own lives, so you project the blame for your failures onto him and justify excluding him from the estate. Shame on you all.

If ever you have done anything in your lives worthwhile, it is through having children. But none of you have the deep meaningful relationship with your children that Larry has with his. This is because you blame your children for your mistakes. Without exception you have all been failures as parents and, as Bump is so very fond of saying, “it is time to take some responsibility.” Any success your children have and will achieve is a result of their own individual character and no thanks to you whatsoever; you have, again, been nothing but a burden. In your hearts you know this to be true, but your boundless jealousy and resentment of Larry, and Ivan J., allows you to delude yourselves.

You speak of Larry as if he has caused you all great injustice, but none of you can come up with one example of what he has done to deserve this. This is extremely hurtful because he is the only one of you four children that has wanted to hold this family together. He has, over the years, brought a wealth of happiness to Ivan and Bernice; and you can’t stand this. In fact, you even resent Ivan and Bernice for this. Thousands of family photos, hundreds of holiday and birthday gifts (which Bump refers to as trinkets); gifts, not just to the parents, but to you all. With what in return? You have never given him anything, and he asked for nothing, and yet he has continued to love you regardless. He loves you all more than you would ever admit; and all you can do is scorn him and blame him for your shortcomings. This is not a false claim; the vast evidence is all around you, but you remain content with your heads buried ignorantly in the sand.
I will now address you individually:

              Bump, as you know, I have long looked up to you with tremendous respect and admiration. You helped kick start some of my most heartfelt passions, which have led me all the way to the beaches of Normandy. I have always thought of you as a man of integrity who seeks justice, not only for himself, but for those around him. I have admired you since I was a child, but I am now being forced to abandon my admiration. Your willingness to go along with, and therefore promote, the criminal acts being perpetrated against my father is inexcusable. You have always known Ivan J’s wishes in regards to the estate and you told me so just last week. Whatever your motive, I never would have expected this from you. I ignorantly placed my faith in you to fairly protect the long established agreement, but I underestimated the power of greed. Had June put the deeds in her name only, and not yours as well, I imagine things would be very different. I hope with all of my heart that you will reclaim your dignity by doing the right thing, but as it stands now, I hold you to be nothing less than a coward and, above all, a traitor.

              June, if Bump is a traitor, then you are the Confederate States of America. The close and caring relationship we have had has been exposed to me as nothing but a devious manipulation for your personal gain. As such, you are the most sinister, cunning and empty person I have ever had the displeasure of wasting time on. I can only attribute this to your years of disturbingly faithful marriage to the most arrogant, paranoid and repulsive man any of us has ever known. To place that human rat in front of your family and, especially, your children, is beyond sick. The damage Gene has inflicted, and continues to inflict on you, your children and our entire family is far beyond repair. He has only made enemies wherever you have gone. He has been a miserable failure in every aspect of his, and your, life and has succeeded in damaging the lives of everyone he meets. He hates this world, and above all, he hates people who are happy and successful; because it is everything he is not nor ever will be. Can you name one successful person that has ever befriended Gene? Bump criticized Larry for allowing Jason to bring his wild friends into  Ivan and Bernice’s home (for a week), but you have brought Ivan J’s only enemy, in the world, into his home and allowed him to abuse and manipulate your father 24/7/365. By forcing this cockroach into our lives, you have exposed to us your true nature; and it is vengeful and sadistic. You are the most two-faced person I have ever known or ever hope to. As the ringleader, the lion’s share of the shame rests with you.

              Jack, you don’t seem to care about any of this, so why should I even try?

It is hard for me to believe that our family has come to this sad end. It tells me that what I have considered as my family for a quarter of a century has not only been a delusion, but an utter and complete waste of time. To invest as much love, concern and emotion as Larry and us kids have, and then to be betrayed like this is surreal and sickening. You have all given in to the most petty and superficial of human emotions; namely greed, jealously, resentment and hatred. This is a disgraceful testament to your character and your conviction. I hope that you will find the virtue in your hearts to undo what you have done. Cast off the dark cloud of resentment that’s haunted this family for years and you’ll find some measure of peace; if not, then you’re all Failures.