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The Lawyers.

A. Chuck Apt.
B. Ted Knopp.
C. Kurt Kluin.
D. Brian Grace-Less.
E. John Rubow.
F. Steve Doering.
G. Gary A. Nelson.

The Players.

A. Bio's.
B. Profiles. Conduct / Activities.

Important new Information on the case

1. The Dedeke Death Threats.
2. History of the Eugene Dedeke Family.
3. History of the Ivan J. Fail Family.
4. Court Motions, Pleadings, and other Legal Documents.
5. Written, Audio and Video Depositions of the players.
6. Interrogatories of the players.
7. More tape recordings and tape Transcripts.

Resource index for other victims of Lawyer Fraud.

4. Interactive Blog for exchange of information.


1. Pictures of the Players and the Lawyers.
2. Pictures of the Fail Family, friends & good times.

More information on The Nelson Maneuver.

You Judge the case.

1. Was it Foul Play, Greed or Murder?

2. Who should have gotten the 160 acres and the 28 acre Horse Ranch and the Ness

County Minerals?

A. Larry and Adam Fail.

B. Lawyer Gary A. Nelson, Tonia Dedeke Nelson, Ivan Lee and Cindy Fail,

Iva June Fail Dedeke and Gene Dedeke, John Roy Fail & Patty Hon?

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