The Nelson Maneuver

Sibling Thieves

Gary Nelson
Tonia Dedeke Nelson

Leavenworth Lawyer Gary A. Nelson engaged in the following dastardly & unsavory conduct, thereby creating the "Nelson Maneuver." 

Formula for "The Lawyer Nelson Maneuver"

  1. Get a Law Degree and turn it into a Liar's Degree.
  2. Make a Conscious Decision to become a Professional Parasite.
  3. Find a Wealthy Host / Client that you can Represent and Defraud.
  4. Gain his Confidence.
  5. Marry into his Family.
  6. Represent him in Family Litigation.
  7. Learn and Manipulate the Family Estate Plan.
  8. Get your mother-in-law to place your name on Real Estate deeds intended for other brothers.
  9. Force the old man to sign the deeds under duress and threats of abandonment.
  10. Divide & Conquer the Siblings and turn family members against their sibling brother so you can steal his land.
  11. Plunder your client's Family Fortune for personal gain.
  12. Slander and defame your victim and battle him in Court and take his land.
  13. Have your mother-in-law misuse her medical power of attorney, and place your client, the victim's father, in a rest home and issue a "No Contact Order" against your victim, thereby preventing him from seeing his father before his death and exposing your fraudulent scheme and getting the deed corrected.
  14. Form a wolf pack against the victim of your scheme by sharing some of the spoils with other Family members that resents or dislikes the victim to gain their cooperation.
  15. When the victim Sues you, contact his attorneys, and defame him and talk to and intimidate or threaten them into withdrawing and not representing the victim, thereby running him out of money and forcing him to represent himself and lose the case.
  16. Represent the wolf pack family members against the lone victim member and make additional money in legal fees from them.
  17. Use your Law/Liar's degree to draft fraudulent documents and affidavits with false and present to the Court against the victim. Coach them in their lying about the facts in the case.
  18. Bury the victim in legal paperwork and file Motions to move the Court to disregard and/or throw out the victim's evidence and proof of claim to his property.
  19. Then file a Motion for Summary Judgment with the Judge that you have known for 30 Years to get the case thrown out of Court.
  20. Get and keep your victim's land for yourself, and thereby prove once again that Legal Might Trumps Moral Right.
  21. Convince yourself that the SOB deserved to lose his land, and you were just doing God's work - so you can sleep at night.

Opinion of Author/Victim based upon the record, the facts, and conduct of the parties,