Murder Of A Nation

By dishonest and unethical lawyers both in private and public practice - who believe in the following.

"If you get caught it's illegal, if you get by with it's legal".

"Winning is not everything, it is the only thing".

"Self enrichment for me, at all costs to everyone except me,
is the great benefit of a liars degree".

*** The Practice of Sophistry ***

The lawyers that represent themselves rather than their clients and constituents have murdered this nation...

Education in law and the practice thereof is needed to serve humanity in a civilized and complex society for the safety and benefit of all - when and only when honesty, ethics and fair play are applied and enforced.

Who enforces these principals ? No one, as lawyers and law makers are self regulated. That leaves the rest of us to our own devices. Fight them in the Court room - fat chance.
Fight them in the street and die or go to prison. After all this is a land of laws not a land of men. Men lose, law wins. If you are the law with a liars degree, it's a lot of fun, not fun for the uneducated and unwise who have to live with the otherwise...

There are many decent lawyers who are faced daily with the choice and question of - can I remain honest and true to myself, my client, the Constitution, The Court, the facts in a case and still win? No may be the answer. No easy answers considering their opponent may choose to be dishonest and win by doing so. The Fail v Fail Case illustrates that dishonesty all too often wins out over honesty. Distorted perception of the truth and a good story may win out over the truth and the facts, especially when the facts and evidence is not accepted and/or are disallowed by the Court for "legal reasons". Lawyer friendly judges at the expense of Justice and the victim as in this case form an opinion based on his relationship, or lack thereof with the parties rather than the facts and the evidence as took place in this case. Lawyer Gary A. Nelson is a well know and well connected lawyer in The Kansas Legal Community and has know Judge Rogers for many years. Larry Fail lives out of State in Colorado and is an outsider, and he is not a lawyer. Forty Eight (48) years ago Judge Rogers' father Steven Rogers represented Larry Fail's ex-wife Joan in a divorce case in the same Court room. This legal slez and dishonesty results in cases like Fail v Fail where a fellow lawyer can gut the estate of a family and freely walk off with the spoils. (See The Nelson Maneuver) Lawyer Nelson made it impossible for Larry Fail to hire a Kansas lawyer to represent him even though he called over a 100 lawyers in Kansas and paid five of them $50,000. The other 95 were not interested after they were told that Larry was suing fellow lawyers Gary A. Nelson and John C. Rubow. The five lawyers who took Larry's money were chased off by fellow Lawyer Gary A. Nelson and Larry's brother Ivan Lee Fail as a result of their threatening letters and phone calls, general intimidation and pressure. Another example of where "Legal Might Trumps Moral Right."

Sibling Thieves