Dedeke Death Threats

The Death Threats from the Dedeke Family against my father Ivan J. Fail are real and provable as listed herein. The Leavenworth Kansas County Court Records and the documents recorded with the County Recorder’s office show a history of litigation between Ivan J. Fail and his daughter June Fail Dedeke and her husband Eugene Dedeke.  June and her husband sued her father Ivan J. Fail and took Bankruptcy against him in the 1980’s in an attempt to swindle him out of an estimated $175,000 that he had loaned to June and her husband Gene in an attempt o help them save their 80 acre farm and a car repair shop in Leavenworth County that they could not pay for.  They made one $500 payment to my father in a three year time period and their Check bounced.  My father kept calling me asking me what he could do as the money was borrowed and the interest was killing him. I asked him if he had any collateral for the loan. He told me that he did not and he had not recorded a mortgage on the land owned by the Dedekes.  I helped him get his Chanute Kansas lawyer Charles Henchal to draft a Mortgage for the Dedekes to sign. We made the trip to Leavenworth together and after much heated resentment from the Dedekes and a big argument with the Dedekes we were successful in getting the Dedekes to sign the Mortgage. Both June and Gene made threats against my father and me. They would not allow us to see their children Terry and Tonia for over ten years. They instilled hate and animosity in their son and daughter against my father and me. Both Terry and Tonia made documented death threats against my father Ivan J. Fail.

It is so ironic that the very people that disliked, if not hated my father were able to wind up with the lion’s share of his estate while the ones that loved and cared for him the most got nothing from his Estate.  It is a classic example of greed overrunning, or running over trust. Add to that a lawyer who married into the dysfunctional Fail family, had his name placed on the land intended for another family member, using the Nelson Maneuver to steal the land and engage in a dishonest legal battle to complete the fraudulent scheme once again proving that Legal Might Trumps Moral Right.

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