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Elder abuse for Money is a low priority for law enforcement. The attitude is. "Old folks die every day".Evidence of Elder Abuse, Foul Play and Murder of our Dear Elders is buried with them - the victims...

The Fail Family Failed - and lived up to its name. Greedy Siblings and a lawyer that married into the family aced another family member out of his inheritance.

The lawyer got his wife and mother in law to get his name placed on a deed to Real Estate and through undue influence and threats of abandonment got the elder to sign it thereby defrauding the alienated sibling and his children out of $1,000,000. They then set about the task about defaming their sibling victim, his children and grandchildren.

When their victim brother discovered the deed to defraud in the County Records he called his older brother, who in turn alerted their sister, the lawyer's mother in law - that their victim brother had discovered the deed. She was her elder father's' care taker, dispensed his medications, and had his Medical Power of Attorney.

She rushed her elder father to a Rest Home and under the ruse of the HIPPA laws issued a "NO CONTACT-ORDER" against her victim brother, and his children. The Elder father quickly passed and she had him in the ground within 48 hours to prevent an autopsy.

The evil sister and her daughter are nurses educated in medicine and death. They and the lawyer, and the two brothers of their sibling victim battled him in Court costing him $50,000 in attorney fees and five years of litigation. The Judge, a thirty acquaintance of the lawyer granted the lawyers “Motion For Summary Judgment” thereby denying the victim and his children their day in Court.

This site is dedicated to the Victims of Elder Abuse, Foul Play and Murder, and the never ending battle to prevent it, and bring the perpetrators to the bar of justice, such as it is...


Your help is urgently needed to provide the resources for awareness advertising efforts such as this web site, counseling and the Legal wherewith-all to help stop Elder abuse, Foul Play and Murder. We will all be there someday and the least we are entitled to in America is to die in peace, and to rest in peace knowing that the fruits of our life's hard labor passed to those that truly love and care for us, and not the greedy and cunning evil ones - that take our money, abuse and/or kill us and quickly dump us in the ground before their greed and evil deed can be discovered.