Ivan J. Fail. Born August 12, 1913. Passed on December 21, 2005. Father.

Helen B. Fail. Born October 16, 1911. Passed on January 31, 2000. Mother.

Ivan Lee Fail. Born in September 1937. Brother.

Larry Allen Fail. Born in January 1941. Brother.

Iva June Fail Dedeke. Born in February 1943. Sister.

John Roy Fail. Born in March 1945. Brother.

Gary A. Nelson. Attorney at Law. Married to Tonia Nelson. Son-in-Law of Iva June Fail Dedeke, and Eugene Dedeke.

Tonia Nelson. Wife of Attorney Gary A. Nelson. Daughter of Iva June Fail Dedeke and Eugene Dedeke.

Patty Hon. Girl Friend of John Roy Fail.

Cindy Fail. Wife of Ivan Lee Fail.

Eugene Dedeke. Husband of Iva June Fail Dedeke.

John C. Rubow, Attorney at Law. Executor of the Estate of Ivan J. Fail. Attorney for Ivan J. Fail and Family.

The Plaintiffs.

Larry Allen Fail.

Adam Lawrence Fail.

The Defendants.

Ivan Lee Fail. 
Iva June Fail Dedeke.
John Roy Fail.
Gary A. Nelson, Attorney at Law
Tonia Nelson. 
Patty Hon.
Cindy Fail.
Eugene Dedeke.
John C. Rubow, Attorney at Law as Executor of the Estate of Ivan J. Fail.