Letters to Dale Nelson

Dale Nelson is the father of Leavenworth Lawyer Gary A. Nelson. My father, Ivan J. Fail, was a lifelong friend of Dale Nelson. Both were farmers in South East Kansas and had mutual respect for each other.

I wrote and mailed these letters to Dale Nelson in hopes that he would talk to his son Gary A. Nelson and appeal to his humanity as a person and family member that the taking of my land and my inheritance was not only wrong and fraudulent but dishonored the legacy of my parents Ivan J. Fail (passed 12/21/2005) & Helen B. Fail (passed 01/31/2000.) Lawyer Gary A. Nelson's thievery also denied my children and me the property and money that my parents and my children's grandparents wanted us to have.

I know that if the tables were turned and I was wrongfully taking property from Gary Nelson, my father would advise me not to do so, as it was wrong and immoral. I was hopeful that Dale Nelson would do the right thing and talk to his son Gary as my father would have with me. Dale Nelson told me in person in a Café in Chanute, Kansas, “I am not going to get involved”.

Apathy is cruel and destructive. It has caused much human suffering.

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