Lawyer Chuck Apt

Attorney Chuck Apt. The stallatiction. Mr. Apt was the first lawyer that I hired in the case. He is located in Iola Kansas. The same day that I buried my father on December 23, 2005, I paid Mr. Apt several thousand dollars to represent me and file my case. Mr. Apt admitted a few months later that he was ill equipped to help me do anything in my case. I had talked him prior to my father’s death about helping me set aside the “No Contact Order” that my sister had filed against me preventing me from seeing my father and correcting the deed before he died. I had also requested that Mr. Apt file a Motion for an autopsy of my father’s body. I felt then and feel stronger now that the sudden death of my father under very suspicious circumstances had a foul smell of foul play.

Mr. Apt was inept and unable to help me see my father, and file a motion for an autopsy.  He told me that he had never filed a motion for an autopsy before. He did nothing but talk. He was slow and/or failed to respond to my repeated phone calls, letters and Emails. After an extended period of time with nothing filed in the case, no autopsy, and no answers Mr. Apt told me, “This case is way over my head.” He referred me to lawyer Ted Knopp in Wichita Kansas. He told me that lawyer Knopp was well experienced in this type of case and had written law on my type of case and would do a good job for me. I would rate attorney Chuck Apt as a “D” for dumb.