Lawyer John C. Rubow

Holder of the Secrets.

Would tell me nothing until it was to late and he had my money.

Lawyer Rubow was my father’s lawyer and the Executor of his estate.
He drafted deeds and my mother and father’s wills that dis-inherited me and my children in conflict to my parents wishes.

My father instructed lawyer Rubow and my three siblings to hold my inheritance and property for me in trust out side the will. My father and I had so decided to preserve and protect the estate from my litigation in Colorado that I later prevailed in. (Google AD-x Vs Kenneth Kolbjornsen.)

My mother passed on December 21, 2000. When my father passed on December 21, 2005 lawyer Rubow and my three siblings all got amnesia at the same time and stole my property. Then lawyer Rubow, fellow lawyer Gary A. Nelson, my three siblings, John Fail's gal pal Patty Hon all fought me for five years in Court and successfully gamed the system, and denied me my day in Court and took my inheritance and my land and minerals totaling over $900,000.

Under the direction of my sister Iva June Fail Dedeke lawyer Rubow drafted deeds for her that resulted in the theft and loss of Land and mineral rights that my parents wanted me and my children to have.

Lawyer Rubow under the direction of my sister Iva June Fail Dedeke also drafted deeds intended to steal my younger brother's 360 acre farm valued at $720,000.
I personally witnessed this dastardly and criminal act on Memorial day week end 2005 in my father's Hospital room in Parsons Kansas. I objected telling my father that he and my mother had decided before her death who was to get what property, and John was to get the 360 acre home place. My father agreed and told June to cancel the deal. I save John's land for him.

On December 21, 2005 - Patty Hon & John Fail called me at 11 AM and told me that my father had passed at 10:30 AM. John told me that he would help me get my land that I was promised my my parents and my three siblings. At 1 PM John Fail recorded deeds giving the 360 acre Home Place that I had prevented our sister June from stealing from him to his girlfriend Patty Hon. John also recorded a deed giving his interest in my land that he was holding in trust for me to Patty Hon. Patty Hon was my sister Junes High School chum. June "set up" John and Patty a few years before my father's death. key words are "set up." June attempted to use Patty to steal John's land. It backfired on her but she got my and anyway.

Lawyer Rubow had instructions from Ivan J. Fail and inside knowledge that I was to receive my land, minerals and my share of the inheritance but chose to go along with my three siblings, Leavenworth Gary A. Nelson, wife Tonia Dedeke Nelson and Patty Hon in a conspiracy to defraud me and my children. Wilson County Judge David Rogers assisted and accommodated them in their crime and denied me my day in Court. Judge Rogers' father, the late Steven Rogers was my ex-wifes divorce lawyer in the same Court room in 1967.

I could have, and should filed my case against lawyer Rubow, lawyer Nelson, my three siblings, Tonai Dedeke Nelson and Patty Hon in Federal Court under the Constitutional provision titled "Diversity of Parties or "Diversity of Jurisdiction and avoided the small home town gang bang that I received in the Wilson County Court. Why didn't I do so? My alleged attorney that I hired and paid to file the case failed to give me this information. This hack lawyer was Wichita lawyer Ted Knopp. Click on his tab to the left "Lawyer Ted Knopp.

Lawyer Rubow in Probate Court - robed me again. See below.

January 21, 2011

John Rubow
Attorney at law
332 West Main, P.O. Box 705
Chanute, Kansas 66720
Attorneys for Petitioner

RE: In the Matter of the Estate of Ivan J. Fail, Deceased. No. 2006 PR 2

Dear Mr. Rubow.

I have enclosed Quitclaim deeds signed and notarized in your office on or about March 9, 2001 by Ivan J. Fail and my three siblings.

As you know the deeds transfer ownership of the mineral rights in both Weld and Adams County Colorado from my father and my three siblings to Ivan J. Fail and Adam Fail in joint tenancy. You testified under oath that my father told you that he wanted everything in Colorado to go to me and Adam Fail.

I have enclosed copies of the deeds and a copy of your Petition For Final Settlement with Exhibit “B” which lists Checks and/or monetary amounts held by you for the Adams & Weld County Minerals totaling $39,128.94.

EnCana Oil & Gas                       12/11/2009 Royalty Underpayment              $15,115.90
Adams County Colorado.           12/11/2009 Royalty Underpayment              $19,098.27

Merit Oil & Gas.                       01/29/2010 Royalty Underpayment                $  4,914.77
Weld County Colorado                                                               Total              $39,128.94

What is your position on the disposition of these funds?
Who is the legal owner and/or party entitled to these funds?

Please respond.
Larry Fail
Adam Fail


dated January 24, 2011 to Attorney / Executor John C. Rubow by depositing same in the United States Mail, postage prepaid, addressed to:


Larry Fail

Thirty First Judicial District Of Kansas,
Third Division, Sitting at Erie,
% Probate Court.
Neosho County Courthouse
102 S Lincoln PO Box 889
Chanute, KS 66720

John Rubow
Attorney at law
332 West main, P.O. Box 705
Chanute, Kansas 66720
Attorneys for Petitioner

Gary A. Nelson
Attorney out law
1000 S 4th St, #B, Leavenworth, KS 66048

Steven B. Doering
Attorney at law
111 E 4th Avenue
Garnett, KS 66032-1502

James T. McIntyre
Attorney at Law
6235 West Kellogg Drive
Wichita, Kansas 67209


Adams County Mineral Deeds. Four (4) dated on or about September 25th, 2000.
Executed on or about March 9th, 2001.
Weld County Deeds. Four (4)  Four (4) dated on or about September 25th, 2000.
Executed on or about March 9th, 2001.