KS Disciplinary Admn

The Kansas Disciplinary Administrator is an arm of The Kansas Supreme Court. Its alleged function is to discipline Lawyers. Unfortunately as in many States it functions as The Kansas Lawyer Protection Administrator. Stan Hazlett is its director. My personal experience with Mr. Hazlett and his office has sadly illustrated the need for a non lawyer lay person Disciplinary Administrator Board of Directors with the power to disbar dishonest lawyers to avoid the cozy relationships that exists in the lawyer community.

For more information go to http://www.failvfail.com – see lawyer Brian Grace-less page. Director Hazlett seen no wrong doing, as he did nothing to Lawyer Grace-less. In a recent case Leavenworth Lawyer Gary A. Nelson had his name placed on a Real Estate Deed in Wilson County to land that my dear parents wanted me to have. There were four siblings, three brothers and one sister. I was the second son. The estate was worth in excess of $2,000,000.Three of them, and Lawyer Nelson and his wife Tonia Dedeke Nelson got it all. Lawyer Nelson’s wife Tonia is my sister June Fail Dedeke’s daughter. My two brothers Ivan Lee Fail and John Roy Fail turned on me and split the spoils. I filed a detailed Complaint against Lawyer Nelson. Director Hazlett dismissed my Complaint without even bothering Lawyer Nelson for his defense. I spent $50,000 and five years in an attempt to get my land. Lawyer Nelson and my older brother contacted two of my five lawyers and run them off. I called over 100 lawyers and many were interested until I told them I was suing a Lawyer, then they declined my case. See the complaint and the Nelson Maneuver at http://www.failvfail.com contact macphale@gmail.com for mutual interests